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The reason the way the text is like that is kinda of kiddish and appealing to parents. The child eating the watermelon is non toxic and which is the main point of the manual.

Research Project Proposal on Video Games

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The topic of my research is video games and my question is what is the history and how do video games impact our lives today. Video games today are a lot different from when they first came out in the way they look and how you play them. Today there are three major console companies (Playstation, XBOX, Nintendo)that go against each other for the title of the best. I am a gamer and own a Playstation 2,XBOX 360 with the Kinect, and Nintendo WII. Each one of these systems have games that you interact with by using your body and mind. This is how I am relating it back to the theme of health and wellness by saying video games  today help with health of your body dealing with the physical or mental. With the Kinect you use your whole body as the controller and the Wii  and Playstation 3 has a wand controller the you have to move in order to use it. They have different kinds of games you can play from action, adventure, puzzle, and dance to so much more. One reason I pick video games as topic because many people don’t really know how it can help them and to change the way others to see it not just a waste of time.For example if you have no way of getting to the gym and if you have a workout game for the Kinect you can exercise at home and you don’t have to feel intimated by others. Things I think  I would need to look up the history of video games to get the base for my explanation.Then I would need to look up different types of people to see what the think and compare to each other. Also I believe that I would need to look at what study has been done to prove that video games help people in different ways. I feel strong about this topic not just because I am a gamer myself but also because I haw experience some of the benefits. I am not really sold on going to the gym all the time because when I see others that look so much better than me I get discourage and don’t want to go back. With the Kinect I can workout by dancing and they tell you if you are doing the moves right or not. To me it make you not focus on the whole exercising but having fun so you will continue to do it more and more.They even have different skill levels so if you don’t have to worry about it being too hard and embarrassing yourself. Also on these games they have a workout mode that you out in your information like how much you weight, your age, and your height to better assist you and let you know how many calories you are burning. Even though they have these games they also warn you to see your  doctor to make sure it is ok for you to be doing  this just like a workout plan at the gym or one you may buy off T.V. and to takes breaks when you need to. Ways in finding this information would be by going to the library, looking on the internet, and maybe even talking to so people to hear their intake on it.  By doing this project my goal is to show people how video games may improve their lives.

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There are four factors that influence life in a community which are social, physical, economic, and services. These four work together and can’t be separated or replaced with something else. I am just going to touch base on each of these factor for Scotland County. First Scotland County has a low rated in social and economic factors at 97 out of 100 counties. In the physical environment it is ranked 25 and 27 in clinical care which you can say is a plus. Why when you go to Scotland County page and look under economic development and the side tabs pages has nothing on them when you click on it expect for the business resource which has contact information on it. They have a lot of services that are offer and is helping to improve the county as a whole.

Response to Guatemala and Tuskeegee Syphilis Study

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In the name of research there has been many thing happen that we would consider crazy, monstrous, and just wrong. The two examples I will use are the Guatemala Syphilis and the Tuskegee Syphilis studies. In Guatemala they use the prisoner as the subjects by giving them syphilis by letting them sleep with prostitutes that had it and if they didn’t do that they had put the bacteria poured onto scrapes made on the prisoners body then in some cases they just injected into their body. This was done just to test the effectiveness of penicillin. The scientists just complete ignored their own opinion to be part of the study or not. Just because they were in jail doesn’t mean they don’t have any rights at all which is totally ridiculous. They also didn’t prevent them from quitting or took any special time to make sure that no harm or death will happen to them. I believe if they would have asked for volunteers maybe they what have gotten some and insure them that they would that care of them if anything goes wrong and that they could change their minds anything during the process which I’m pretty sure none would quit midway. As for the Tuskegee Syphilis study they would not have gotten anybody for that study because their main reason was to watch what happen to the people with the disease over a course of time. No one would agree to do such a thing and the purpose of that study was pointless because they already had a cure. Taking advantage of people who don’t have health care by saying you have bad blood is telling us that you really don’t respect them as another human being like yourself.



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Why do you think people have stress? Is it because of money, family, jobs, school,and  life in general. Well to tell the true I believe it is that any many more. Most of the time people think it is just adults that has stress but it is not children and young adults do too. From what I have experienced in my life growing out was that I tried not to stress my mother out with stuff I need mainly because she had three other kids besides me and if I could do anything to help her I would by not being part of thing that will inconvenience her by having to pick me up from school or finding someone else to come get me. Knowing we didn’t have much money and with my sister being a cheerleader and dance classes and my brother playing football I just figure they were more important plus having to pay all the bills. If I just the necessitates then it would  help out a lot. More and more kids think like that but not only with money but also in school to make the best grades especially if they want to go to college to try to get scholarships and grants so it wont be a burden on their parent to try to find a way to pay for it. With children today are more likely to get pick out for not having the latest clothes or shoes to come out but not only that if you look a curtain way you have to deal with your peers saying thing s that you can’t control. Which is sad because that is what is making this children commit suicide in todays time and they can’t talk to anyone about it because they parent or parents may not have the time to listen or the child don’t want to bother them. So when you think of stress it’s not just adults who deals with it but also children so help them in finding ways where might not have to deal with as much.

Body, spirit,and mind

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On the topic of health and wellness the first things you think about are eating right and exercising. Those are some a the factors but one thing that might surprise you is how much money you make and the environment you live in. We have recently  study in class that the more money you have and if you live in a good neighborhood you are more likely to be healthier than some on of low-income and live in a bad part of town. You may think well what if I have a lot of money but chosen to live not to live in the upper area like someone else that has the same salary as me am I to have poor health. Well yes one factor is deal to stress maybe not stress deal to do I have enough money for this or that but maybe to am I safe what about my family are they getting what they need in this area. Just because I have nice things is someone going to steal them because they don’t or they need the money and it is the only way they can think of to get it for whatever reason they may have. Even though the money is not an issue for you other things are and stress is one of the main cause for other heart disease and more. The image that I have place in here shows three things body, mind, and spirit in which I believe that you have to work on all three to be totally healthy. Just have a healthy mind and spirit really doesn’t mean any thing if your body is out of whack. With any of these three not in order you are really not truly healthy.